About Us



Welcome to the next generation of service placement. As an EZ Knock Buyer (person/entity who requests service of process) you have access to a vast network of private process servers (sellers). Our sellers are skilled, professional men and women who serve process with dignity to consumers. Our sellers are experienced at delivering process ranging from domestic cases to contractual disputes. EZ Knock buyers have access to never-before seen biographical and technical information about sellers. That information ranges from a detailed “about me” on the seller to an actual photo of the seller. If you require unique handling of your order, our seller information can help you select the best fit for your unique (and appreciated) order.

Transparent and upfront pricing of your order is one of our core missions at EZ Knock. You will know what the cost is upfront, with no “gotcha” or “gimmick” pricing.


Tired of all of the big process serving companies keeping all of the profits while you put miles on your car? Is getting low pay for the dangerous and sometimes tedious job you do? Ready for a change? EZ Knock is for you!

EZ Knock sellers (process servers) are paid for their valuable contribution to the legal system. Sellers are provided orders (generally already filed and ready for service) along with guidance from the buyers (person/entity who requests service of process). Once an order’s requirements are fulfilled (served or required number of attempts met), you are paid. Prices are set by taking YOUR price and adding a small flat fee that EZ Knock charges. No hidden markups.

At EZ Knock, we believe in maximizing compensation to the men and women out in the field. These professionals are the true service providers and should receive the highest levels of pay and support. You set your prices, not EZ Knock.

Referral Opportunities

Interested in partnering with EZ Knock as a “referrer”? By referring Buyers(Customers) to EZ Knock you become the “Favorite Seller” for that Buyer, Favorite Sellers receive first right of refusal on new orders from the buyer and receive a $5 referral fee on the order whether they perform the work or not! By referring other sellers you can earn up to $5 per order they complete, forever! To refer others simply provide them with your referral link, click here for your referral link!

More Offerings

Need more help than just on demand process serving? EZ Messenger offers full-service court filings, process serving and investigation services, click here. We also offer court venue selection in an automated, API supported way through EZ Venue.


We have an ever expanding “Self Help Center” available for both Buyers and Sellers. Still not finding what your looking for? Chat live with one of our training legal support industry professionals!